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Is she pregnant? How to tell

So you've been trying for a baby? Maybe you celebrated Beijing Gold with extra abandon and you're convinced that did the trick. Here are some clues to whether something did change for ever that night. And not just in the boardroom of Sport England.

The top six signs that she's pregnant

Her breasts will be more sensitive than usual

‘Ouch. Be careful' is a big clue and one you won't fail to notice.

She's going to be a lot more tired than usual

You get home to find her on the sofa taking a power nap. Think before complaining that you're not all lucky enough to lounge around all afternoon.

More visits to the loo

She's peeing a lot. And she might well have to pay a visit in the night - another change from the normal that's telling you something.

She's not in the habit of regurgitating breakfast

Or lunch/tea/supper. And she doesn't usually feel rubbish all day, every day. Even if she's not actually being sick, she'll probably be feeling queasy a lot of the time and going off things like coffee and fatty foods.

'I need to eat a piece of coal. NOW'

Or anchovies on burnt toast with a side of pickled cucumbers. Now, that's not normal. Another Big Clue.

That didn't make her cry last week

You might be facing the reality of what it means to be hormonal as the result of becoming pregnant.

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