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Meet our real dads

Jason Bradbury

Best known as the face of Five's The Gadget Show, Jason Bradbury is an avid gamer with a well-known passion for gizmos and wizardry. Jason Bradbury started out as a stand-up comedian before a career in television presenting beckoned and stints on The Big Breakfast, Top Gear GTI and The Web Review followed. Jason is a devoted father and the first book in his trilogy of children's techno-thrillers was released in February 2009.

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Chris Bourn

Chris Bourn wrote for The Face and was deputy editor at Maxim before joining Time Out in 2008. Chris is a proud dad on one.

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Matt Whyman

Matt is best known as a frank commentator on relationship issues, and as a long-standing agony uncle for Bliss magazine. He is the author of Unzipped, the best-selling advice book for boys, as well as several novels. Matt is married with four children, and wrote a monthly column for Eve about life as a house husband.

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