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Dads' questions answered

Feel like a spare part as your wife goes through pregnancy? Or perhaps you're wondering how you'll cope with the financial pressure of having a baby? Fear not. Agony uncle Matt Whyman is on hand with advice on everything from bonding and the baby blues to how to deal with those sleepless nights...

Q: We need to tighten our belts, but she is still spending as though she is working, and I'm worried I won't be able to support everyone without the extra salary coming in.

A: Don't blow your stack when it comes to cash matters.It can be a sensitive subject for conversation at the best of times, but if you're both run ragged as new parents then emotions can quickly hot up... Read more

Q: Since our daughter came along I feel like I haven't had a look-in, especially since I went back to work.

A: The arrival of a new baby is always going to shift the focus of attention. In your shoes, having returned to work, it's easy to feel squeezed out... Read more

Q: I know she's scared about the birth, but I don't know what to do to help.

A: It's easy for fathers to feel sidelined during pregnancy.It isn't you who develops weird food cravings, after all, and nobody stops to pat your belly and ask how things are going... Read more

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